Former Director of Marketing for Knetwit Inc. Father of 2, husband of 1. Musician, cyclist and fascinated by many, varied subjects. Currently looking for a new opportunity.


Sales and Marketing director well versed in all avenues of generating revenue. I’ve pounded pavement, built relationships, gained sales indirectly through advertising and direct mail and built successful ongoing revenue streams. I have trained and managed an indirect sales force of over 500 across multiple partner companies.


Corporate culture fascinates me. How do a group of rational, logical, individual human beings act in such a way to be classified as “an IBMer”, “a McKinsey alum” or any of a number of descriptions of behavior based on a corporate entity.

The craft of sales fascinates me. What makes a good salesman? Why are they so universally loathed? What can be done to train a good one?

Music has been a constant love of mine since I was 6 or 7. I love disssecting how recording techniques affect how music is perceived and distributed. I love looking into the form and arrangement of music to understand what about a particular piece causes the emotional response in me.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. are you on twitter? handle?

    • philipvanp Says:

      philvp, I must work out why that link and my LinkedIn URL are not showing up. Hmm. This is why I don’t code for a living.

      Thanks George

  2. philipvanp Says:

    Found them. As with most things in the digital age I’d missed and on/off switch.

  3. as the saying goes “…there are 10 types of people in this world…”

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