Well done Coca-Cola.

March 31, 2009

A tweet by SocialNetworkTV led me to this article in the AJC on Coca-Cola’s Facebook Page. According to the article Coca-Cola’s Facebook page has 3,336,512 fans, second only to President Obama’s at 5,998,526 and Coca-Cola had nothing to do with it.


It was started by Dusty Sorg an LA based actor. He was disappointed by the quality of other fan sites an wanted other fans of Coke to “show some respect for this beautiful product.” It grew so quickly that it raised one of Facebook’s internal flags as a a page that either needed to be shut down or taken over by the brand to prevent spamming.

So far this story isn’t that surprising. Huge multinational conglomerate’s flagship product has huge Facebook presence, saw that coming. It’s surprising that the site was started by a fan, not by the company but nothing so far is “news”.

What really grabbed me was Coca-Cola’s response to the situation. Michael Donnelly, Coca-Cola director of worldwide interactive marketing contacted Sorg about the site knowing that Facebook wanted it shut or control to be shifted to Coca-Cola. Mr Donnelly proposed a solution where Facebook were satisfied that Coca-Cola were involved in the page but the page continued as it had started, as a fan page.

Coca-Cola wanted to make sure the page could continue to exist without the company intruding on fans.

“It’s a fan club,” Donnelly said. “We don’t necessarily think a fan club should be owned by the company but rather more by the fans.”

WHAT! I suspect a few short years ago and another company would have taken those 3.3M fans and leveraged them to death to sell more product. Coca-Cola’s response, let them be what they are, fans. Coca-Cola appears to get a part of the socia media landscape, find and support your fans. I wrote about building a fan base a month or so ago and drew parallels with the bands growing their fan base city by city, gig by gig.

Coca-Cola knows that fans infect people and turn them into fans. It looks like Coca-Cola is happy to take a supporting role in that process.


One Response to “Well done Coca-Cola.”

  1. Thanks for taking the time to cover the story of the Coca-Cola facebook fan page…we are very fortunate to have many creative, passionate and loyal fans…it’s an incredible brand to work on and the page creators are incredible guys to be working with…Thanks Again!

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