Quintuple your salesforce!

March 19, 2009

BTW you already know how to do it.

Yesterday I wrote about why Social Media marketing is still experimental. BL Ochman pointed out that fear of litigation is hampering adoption of social media as a channel for reaching new customers.

All businesses already use social networking.

There’s a grand irony at work here. All businesses are currently using social networking to reach new customers. They are using it without interference from the legal department and giving employees autonomy to interact with potential customers.

This is exactly how a sales department operates. The most succesful sales people are those who are deeply ingrained in the community into which they are selling. In fact one of the most compelling reasons to hire a sales person is because of their network, the relationships they already have in place.

Businesses already understand the power of social networking and have procedures in place to promote and control it. Maybe adoption is just a case of moving the procedures and attitudes already in place for sales to all departments in the organization.

What business wouldn’t want to increase their salesforce?


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