Hitting the target.

March 12, 2009

Following up with a question posed by @TomMartin re Terry Starbucker post “Hitting the value targets in social media” regarding the movement of a message through social networking.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 3+ years using Social Media, it’s this:

When it comes to being read and relevant, it’s all about value.

Of course, “value” means something different to every person looking for it.  And some “value targets” are easier to hit than others.

But if there’s a pattern to be found here, it’s this:  before you can hit your bullseye with consistency, you have to throw a lot of darts.

Social networking message target

Social networking message target

@TomMartin asked how do you know when you can move segments.

“I like your progression. Two questions for you. First, have you ever marked a “timeline” for how long of an investment folks have to make from first ring to bullseye?

And second, how do you know when you have permission to move from one ring to the next?”

Firstly I think you lay out all of your message for all segments and let the public find their own way. Working at the pace of the consumer allows freedom for users to adopt your message at will rather than when told. Also, writing the messaging in one project allows for coherency and flow that may get lost trying to pace it for each segment.

If the message is already out there, like train tracks, allowing consumers to discover it at their own pace, the permission question is somewhat moot. However it would be useful to know where on the track most consumers are so a pace of adoption may be measured. By monitoring, blogs, tweets and searches a pattern should emerge which will indicate where the bulk of consumers are on their journey. Knowing where the consumers are guides how you respond to their blogs and tweets allowing you to enhance and elongate the message cycle.


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