Coker Tire’s Unicycle in Wired Magazine.

February 24, 2009

Good to see Coker Tire, a local company getting coverage in the that bible of technology, Wired. Wired had a short piece on the Coker Tire’s Giant Unicycle, the V2, and it’s potential to be the most dangerous thing in the office.

“The Coker V2 has two basic speeds: (1) that-watercooler-sure-is-coming-up-fast, and (2) I-think-I-just-broke-my-tailbone. With a massive 36-inch wheel and a hand brake, it’s like pedaling an oversize half-bike—the half without the handlebars. Speeds up to 29 mph have been reported. Luckily, Wired articles editor Mark Robinson has some experience with mono-wheeled vehicles. Lucky for us, that is—we got to watch him face-plant repeatedly while attempting to maneuver this beast through the office. Hey, Mark, you’re doing great! Try again!”

Coker V2 Unicycle

Coker V2 Unicycle

Two thoughts sprung to mind after reading the piece. Well done Coker Tire, why do you have a unicycle? For those who don’t know, Coker Tire makes tires for vehicles you can’t buy tires for. It owns 6 buildings on the south side of Chattanooga and are the largest supplier of antique and classic tires in the world with exports to over 32 countries.

I have since discovered that the V2 unicycle is only the latest in a line of bicycles offered by the company. A few years ago they manufacturerd and sold a huge cruiser, called the mega-cruiser based on the same 36″ wheel that, er, supports the unicycle and a penny-farthing based on the same wheel and tire combination.

Coker Tire, cool, slightly odd and based in Chattanooga. All things I like.

Video of Unicycle


3 Responses to “Coker Tire’s Unicycle in Wired Magazine.”

  1. rozvanp Says:

    You know you want one. . .

  2. Micah Boaz Says:

    It should also be noted that Mike Mattheiss, my previous partner in crime here at WTS Media, is one of the marketing “geniuses” at Coker tire who undoubtedly would agree that a 36″ torture device of this nature would be a fine selling product. I could’ve sworn that was him in the picture.

    BTW, have you joined the Chattanooga Marketing Professionals group in linkedin??

    Micah Boaz

  3. thirtysixer Says:

    its plenty safe, if you know how to use it.

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