Chattarati post on Hunter Museum

February 20, 2009

Having attended Chattarati’sChattup at The Hunter” last night, I decided to dive deeper into their blog. I noticed that The Hunter Museum are well integrated into social marketing and found this interesting post on the social marketing strategies the The Hunter have implemented.

“The museum launched a blog (which is open to all Hunter staff members) and Twitter account and built interactivity into their new web site. In the physical space, “comment kiosks” in the museum galleries allow visitors the chance to share their personal reactions and responses to featured works. In the future, these in-person responses will also be shared online:

“These in-gallery kiosks will eventually… allow web visitors the same opportunity for asynchronous discussion about works of art and exhibitions.” -Erin Noseworthy”

The Hunter Museum is a small but striking regional art museum in downtown Chattanooga. It’s refreshing to see an organization implement social marketing strategies when there is a tradtional and well tried laurel for them to sit on. It appears that The Hunter have realized that social marketing is a low cost, low risk avenue for driving traffic and visitors to the exhibits.

Social marketing also allows an entity to more easily define a personality than through traditional marketing. The old axiom of “people buy from people, not from companies” hasn’t changed post internet. The great advantage of the Facebook, Twitter and blogs is that it’s much easier and cost effective to define that personality than previous to the rise of social networking.

Just as I wrote about how Lance Crackers responded to the peanut butter recall. The Hunter Museum has taken steps to move their presence from traditional “talk to” advertising into the social media led “talk with” relationship. Great job, I’d love to know how effective their strategies have been. I can tell you that without the Chattarati event last night, all social networking led, I wouldn’t have set foot inside the museum. Now I have I’ll be back. The bottom line is that The Hunter will have at least 1 more paying visitor this year that they didn’t have last year.


3 Responses to “Chattarati post on Hunter Museum”

  1. erinnose Says:

    Thanks for the feedback Philip. We are learning as we go, but event’s like last night’s ChattUp and your thoughts help re-energize efforts with social media.

    You hit the nail right on the head – it’s all about “talking with” our visitors both current and potential. I hope your not the only one who has a new view of the Hunter. I also hope this is the first of many opportunities to reach out to the community/ new audiences. We’re all ears.

  2. Joe Jacobi Says:

    Great post about the Hunter and the Chattup, Philip. I had not been in the museum either and was also very impressed. Even better, the Hunter was an active and authentic participant in that particular event thanks to their participation in Chattanooga’s social media community. And when that community gets together in person, how nice is it that we can meet at such a 1st class venue?

    Thanks for the post.


  3. John Says:

    Philip, thanks for sharing your perspective on the event. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting all the new faces!

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