Case Study : How Lance handled the peanut butter recall.

February 15, 2009

In a house with 2 kids peanut butter goes with pretty much every meal. Sandwich, jelly, crackers, salmon, a nice Riesling. Well maybe not the salmon. My wife asked me to check into some peanut butter filled crackers made be Lance to see if they were part of the recall. I was surprised and impressed as to what I found when I searched for “Lance peanut butter recall”

I found a dedicated site ( a clear statement.

“It is safe to enjoy America’s favorite sandwich crackers. Lance sandwich crackers are not with the peanut butter recall.”

Below there are videos from Dave Singer, Lance’s President and CEO, industry spokesmen and even Congressional representative Sue Myrick. and links to press releases and statements pertaining to the recall.

The rest of the site consists of a links, contact and FAQ’s as well as a link to Lance’s regular home page.

According to Perspctv Lance’s coverage on Twitter and blogs made up 1% of the total chatter about the peanut butter recall. Not bad. I wonder if they could have pushed it higher by taking a proactive engagement with Twitter and blog posts.

Bravo Lance, well done. Lance responded to a public health scare, even though they weren’t the focal point, clearly, concisely and with supporting information and links.


2 Responses to “Case Study : How Lance handled the peanut butter recall.”

  1. It is surprising that they: a) acted proactively to the extent they did, even that they were able to act as they did; b) amassed as large of a percentage of the traffic as they did.

  2. […] as I wrote about how Lance Crackers responded to the peanut butter recall. The Hunter Museum has taken steps to move their presence […]

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